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Buying a Home

Get your financing in place.

Meet with a mortgage banker before you start looking for a new home. Pre-approval is best. Pre-qualified is fine. When a mortgage approval letter is presented with your offer, it removes doubt in the sellers mind about your ability to buy his home. It puts you in a better negotiating position and the sellers will know that you are ready, willing and ABLE to buy their home. We can recommend a mortgage banker if you don’t already have one.

Prioritize your housing requirements.

What’s most important? What could you live without if you found everything else you wanted in a home? What features in a home are negotiable and which ones aren’t. Remember if you can’t find what you want within your budget then you’ll probably have to change what you want.

Select a Realtor®. 

Call us to help you find a home. We can do it better and faster than driving around neighborhoods and surfing the web. You may find THE house on your own but you still need to look at it, evaluate it’s value, negotiate it’s purchase, have it inspected and get to a closing. Eventually, you will need the services of a Realtor®. This is what we do for a living. Why not let us help you now?

Moving to the area?

We can assist you from a distance. Just contact us for a relocation package and we can start the process. Here’s what some of our out of town clients had to say:

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