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Rio Ranchoans Will Save Money on Property Insurance

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According to an article published in today’s online edition of the Rio Rancho Observer, Rio Rancho property insurance rates should drop later this year. The Rio Rancho Fire and Rescue Department announced that the Insurance Service Organization (ISO) rating for Rio Rancho will improve from Class 4 to Class 3 beginning in the spring of 2008.

Ten percent of the overall ISO rating is based on how well the fire department receives fire alarms and dispatches its fire-fighting resources. Fifty percent of the overall ISO rating is based on the number of engine companies and the amount of water a community needs to fight a fire. And forty percent of the ISO rating is based on the community’s water supply, focusing on whether the community has sufficient water supply for fire suppression beyond daily maximum consumption.

The improved ISO rating is an indication that Rio Rancho has improved its capability to fight fires. Since insurance companies rely, in part, on the ISO rating to set their premium rates, Rio Rancho commercial and residential property owners should be eligible for lower insurance rates.

Congratulations to the Rio Rancho Fire and Rescue Department and to Rio Rancho property owners!

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