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Four Albuquerque-Area High Schools Ranked Among Best in U.S.

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U.S. News & World Report announced today that four Albuquerque area schools were ranked among America’s Best High Schools. After analyzing academic and enrollment data from 18,790 public high schools, U.S. News & World Report placed the top schools in three categories. 100 schools were awarded gold medals. 405 schools were awarded silver medals including La Cueva High School and Sandia High School. And 1,086 schools were awarded bronze medals including Eldorado High School and East Mountain Charter School. Altogether, only 8 ½ percent of the high schools in America were awarded a medal.

A three-step process determined the best high schools. The first step determined whether each school’s students were performing better than statistically expected for the average student in their state. They looked at reading and math test results for all students on each state’s high school test. They then factored in the percentage of economically disadvantaged students (who tend to score lower) enrolled at the school to find which schools were performing better than their statistical expectations.

For those schools that made it past this first step, the second step determined whether the school’s least-advantaged students (black, Hispanic, and low-income) were performing better than average for similar students in the state. They compared each school’s math and reading proficiency rates for disadvantaged students with the statewide results for these disadvantaged student groups and then selected schools that were performing better than this state average.

Schools that made it through those first two steps became eligible to be judged nationally on the final step: college-readiness performance, using Advanced Placement data as the benchmark for success. (AP is a College Board program that offers college-level courses at high schools across the country.)

The top 100 high schools nationwide with the highest college readiness index scores were awarded gold medals. The next 405 top-performing high schools nationwide based on their college readiness index earned silver medals. An additional 1,086 high schools that passed the first two steps were awarded bronze medals.

Congratulations to the students, faculty and administration at La Cueva High School, Sandia High School, Eldorado High School and East Mountain Charter School!

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